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Got a rock whose identity is somewhat of a mystery? Then this page is for you. Post a picture with accompanying details to  and see if someone can help. If you think you know the identity of a rock send us your answer. (Same address.)


Could you please help me identify this rock. It was found on Roker beach, Sunderland,  North East England, when the tide was unusally far out. 

I visit the beach regularly and was inclined to walk alongside the pier as it was unusal to see the tide this low.

This rock is unusual as In, it's not something I've came across before, whilst walking here, yet seemingly a mineral ore?? Of which exactly,  I'm uncertain?? 

It would be much appreciated if you could enlighten me.


 E.ward  emaward1705 <>


While out beachcombing along the shores of the Sea of Cortez I found this pale blue pebble. Wet it looks darker and that was what attracted my attention. There is copper in the region. It is harder than a copper penny but not a steel knife blade. It is not a heavy pebble. What do you think it might be? Turquoise?

Submitted by Jan Burkholder

What’s this rock?

I was on my way off the beach today when I came across this most unusual rock. What struck me most was the colour, purple is not all that common and this is no crystal so I am intrigued. The little research I was able to obtain gives me no real idea as to the identity so I thought I’d open it up to the collective mind of our club. Here are some pictures.





The rock resembles cement in that it is filled with pebbles but it also has what appears to be a fossilized clam shell in the matrix. I found it on the beach in Loreto which has a lot of fossilized materials in the area. When I washed it for presentation some of the outer material washed off. It appears not to be dyed as the colour is consistent and right the way through the rock. I did not find any other samples in the area but I will continue to look on my subsequent trips. Here is some information I got off the “web” regarding purple rocks. Let me know what you think this is by responding to

Gord Burkholder

 The blue, violet, purple end of the visual spectrum is not one where rocks and minerals shine. In the field, you are unlikely to see minerals in this color range unless you are in one of four settings: in order of abundance they are pegmatites certain metamorphic rocks, oxidized zones of ore bodies, and low-silica (feldspathoid bearing) igneous rocks. This list is for minerals that are typically or most characteristically blue, violet, purple or related shades. I've looked at a lot of rocks, and I've seen only half of these minerals in the field. Nevertheless they are easily collected in good specimens at rock shops. By Andrew Alden, Geology Expert


Purple Crystals, Semi-Precious Gem Stones & Minerals Identification

These are examples of stones, crystals and minerals that come in shades of purple. Please keep in mind that they are examples of stones that are predominantly purple. Many of the stones and other materials vary somewhat in color and appearance, especially patterns, and some have more than one look or color. Some of these stones have purple patterns with other colors and are shown here as well as in the multicolor section. At times larger stones will look different that smaller ones due to patterns that look different at different sizes.


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Crystal Meanings

Amethyst Druzy

chevron amethyst
Chevron Amethyst (Banded Amethyst)


lavender chalcedony
Lavender Chalcedony


fluorite, purple
Purple Fluorite

fluorite, purple
Purple Fluorite

lavender fluorite
Yttrian Fluorite (aka Lavender Fluorite, the lavender beads)

jade, purple
Purple Jade

sunset lavender jasper
Sunset Lavender Jasper

Lepidolite (Dark)

Lepidolite (Light)



lithium quartz
Lithium Quartz

Discover purple stones & crystals jewelry here.

purple spirit quartz
Purple Spirit Quartz

scapolite, purple
Purple Scapolite

smithsonite, purple
Purple Smithsonite

spinel, purple
Purple Spinel


sugilite, manganese dark
(Dark, Manganese Sugilite)

Gel Sugilite

Tanzanite (Purple-Blue)

Tiffany Stone
Tiffany Stone
(aka Bertrandite, Ice Cream Opalite)

Purple Tourmaline

Are there more purple / violet stones that come to your mind?


Well? I’ve not been able to find anything in this information to answer my question, “What is this rock?” Help!

Submitted by

Gordon ‘Junior’